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Our Work

Organizations need to systematically track competitive dynamics, disruptive technologies, and emerging organizational structures in order to plan potential transformation paths.


The WAVE Lab's response is based on our collective experiences as management consultants and industry specialists. It is a T-shaped problem solving approach that helps uncover insights and deliver structured solutions in a collaborative manner: we combine functional expertise (such as innovation management, strategy, value engineering, etc.), with in-depth knowledge and skills specific to select industries. A sample of the methodologies we use can be found here.


Overall, the WAVE Lab and its partner network are involved in international projects (research, consulting), creating leading-edge intellectual property in select management disciplines (such as service science, value engineering, etc.), and applying uncovered insights to organizations in select industries: Culture & Travel; Energy & Environment; and Government.



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Culture & Travel



Cultural heritage planning

Heritage interpretation

Museum management

Tourism management

Project Management

Dorothea Zuhrt

Featured project



EU SEE Programme / 2.5m Euros.

Collaborating in an international consortium of 10+ partners to explore cultural heritage entrepreneurship as a new form of social innovation at local and international levels.

Featured insights


"An emerging market and the query of how-to-do: Culture as a driver for development and socio-economic cohesion" (2015; download)

Energy & Environment



Industrial ecology / industrial symbiosis

Urban metabolism

Eco-efficiency and sustainability assessment

Renewable energy sources and technologies

Eco-innovation in energy and water use systems

Value chain analysis and stakeholder analysis

Thanos Angelis-Dimakis

Featured project


'Enabling Carbon Dioxide Reuse (EnCO2re)'

EU European Institute of Innovation & Technology / 600K Euros.

Collaborating in an international consortium of 8 academic and industrial partners to map CO2 source and potential sinks at European level, and calculate the economic tipping points of closed-loop systems based on CO2 reuse.

Featured insights


"Methods and tools to evaluate the availability of renewable energy sources" (2011; 186 citations; download)




Urban and regional development

Social innovation

Strategic planning

Stakeholder management

Project turnaround

Vassili Angelis

Featured project


'Strategic planning and transformation design'


EBETAM is a Greek government agency that provides a portfolio of testing, certification, and R&D services to business entities (industrial goods, basic material, etc). Working with the agency's senior management on designing and implementing a growth transformation plan, for establishing the agency as international player.

Featured insights


"Network organizations: the question of governance" (2015; download)

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