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W Academy: the "Leadership & Disruptive Innovation" program

October 2018

Princeton University. Citigroup. US Congress. As we are preparing for the 2019 instantiation of our “Leadership & Disruptive Innovation” educational program, we look forward to building upon this year’s successful launch.


Details of this year’s program design and delivery are described in a recent CNN interview of Dr. Konstadinos Kutsikos, Director of the WAVE Lab.

WAVE Riders Seminar Series: Google

May 2018

As part of its WAVE Riders Seminar Series, the Lab hosted Google and its "Grow Greek Tourism Online" initiative. During a two-day seminar, students of our Business School (University of the Aegean, Greece) engaged with digital marketing experts on how to create growth for tourism-related ventures.

The seminar was held under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, and the Greek Confederation of Tourism Enterprises.

Back to the basics of venture development

October 2017

Dr. Kostas Kutsikos, Director of the WAVE Lab, was invited to present some of the Lab's insights on the basics of new venture development, at the Reload Greece Bootcamp 2017. His keynote speech was focused on how curiosity (as a personal trait) may become an organizational capability that enables systematic innovation, for both startups and corporate structures.


Reload Greece is a UK-based organization that aims to provide the next generation of entrepreneurs with the guidance, support and means to create high-impact, international ventures. Its partners and sponsors include the London Business School, Oxford University, and Vodafone.

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