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Selected WAVE Lab publications


> Bithas, G., et al (2018). Managing Transformation within Service Systems Networks: a System Viability Approach. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 35(2018), 469-484.


> Angelis-Dimakis, A., et al (2017). Region prioritization for the development of carbon capture and utilization technologies. Journal of CO2 Utilization, 17, 50-59.


> Kutsikos, K., et al (2017). Creativity and ICT to drive new entrepreneurship education. Cumulus Working Papers, 33, 97-104.


> Papathanasiou-Zuhrt, D., & Kutsikos, K. (2017). The state of the cultural heritage industry in Europe: a growth transformation perspective. In Z. Andreopoulou, N. Leandros, G. Quaranta, R. Salvia (eds), Tourism and New Media (pp. 126-136). Milano:FrancoAngeli.

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March 2018

"What every utility CEO should know about blockchain", McKinsey


June 2018

"Roots of Collaboration: Nature-Inspired Solutions for Collaborative Networks", IEEE Access Journal


June 2018

"Developing Managers into Modern Global Leaders", Developing Leaders Quarterly


September 2018

"Implementing a theory-driven gamification model in higher education flipped courses: Effects on out-of-class activity completion and quality of artifacts", Computers & Education Journal


January 2019

"Agribusiness Seminar", Harvard Business School


July 2018

"Family Businesses: Succession Planning", Harvard Business Review podcast


August 2018

Blockchain and the Arts, ChainProof

September 2018

Blockchain in the Healthcare, IBM

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