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Academic rigor in the process of uncovering insights, combined with our industry and consulting experiences, define the  Lab's differentiation basis. Hence, our international research activities act as the engine of the WAVE Lab, informing and differentiating the design and delivery of the overall portfolio of our activities.


The research methodology that we apply is Action Research. We usually distinguish five phases to be conducted in each research cycle. Initially, a problem is identified and data is collected for a more detailed diagnosis. This is followed by a collective postulation of several possible solutions, from which a single plan of action emerges and is implemented. Data on the results of the intervention are collected and analyzed, and the findings are interpreted in light of how successful the action has been. At this point, the problem is re-assessed and another research cycle begins.

Overall, we engage in research activities at PhD and postdoc levels, for advancing the Lab's fields of expertise: organizational innovation (business ecosystems, corporate venturing), and service innovation (value analysis, service systems). A parallel goal is to act as outsourced provider of research capabilities, for collaboratively uncovering insights with third parties.

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