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At the WAVE Lab, a global perspective underscores everything we do. Thus, a key strategic goal is to become an international gateway for the academic and business communities, in the realms of growth transformation and value engineering. The Lab members' personal networks, as well as the Lab's partner organizations, drive three activities:


The WAVE Riders Seminar Series aims to engage leading national and international organizations that systematically innovate, with the University's academic community, on issues pertaining to disruptive innovation. WAVE Riders who joined us in past seminars include Google, and Deloitte Consulting.

The W Leadership Program offers select students of our Business School a unique experiential learning opportunity: to travel overseas and interact with top international experts (academics, business executives, government officials) on leading-edge thinking and practices of growth transformation. Our broader goal is to help them understand the global context of business and create their own international professional networks. The Program is fully sponsored by national and international organizations, and it culminates in an annual conference where the Program’s participants share their experiences with the academic, business and civic communities.

The Growth Transformation (GT) Forum will become a premier annual retreat for executives, academics and government officials from across the globe who want to extend their network and knowledge in the realms of growth transformation and value engineering. It is expected to launch in the summer of 2019.



Organizational Innovation


Corporate Venturing

Service Innovation

Value Analysis

Service Systems

Public Sector

WAVE Riders Seminar Series

W Leadership Program

GT Forum

Energy & Environment
Culture & Travel

Lab members' personal networks

Partners and their networks


as an international networking hub

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