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Learning & Development

Showcasing insights and sharing project outcomes, either our own or those co-created with our partners, is a key activity for the WAVE Lab.


Driven by our research and consulting work, we design and deliver learning environments that enable individuals and organizations thrive in a complex business world characterized by constant change.


Our portfolio includes standalone offerings (the W Summer Academy), joint learning & development programs, and bespoke courses/programs for an organization's specific needs (e.g. Business Model Innovation Bootcamp).

The W Summer Academy

Joint programs




as a knowledge transfer hub on growth transformation

Business model innovation
Corporate venturing

Tools & methodologies


(case studies, role playing, busines games)

Projects & partnerships


Informed by our research & consulting activities

Blended learning

Focused on skills, teams and mentoring

Design thinking

The W Summer Academy

The goal of the annual W Summer Academy is to help university students experience what it takes to turn ideas into  startups, run by great teams. Participants are immersed in a comprehensive training program, which is based on insights uncovered during a WAVE Lab's international research project on entrepreneurship (CREA project). The Academy is enhanced by the international profile of all participants (students, instructors, mentors, guest speakers, workshop leaders), who create a multi-cultural, cross-disciplined learning environment. Indeed, past participants joined us from as far as Asia (China, Vietnam), the Americas (Brazil), and Europe (Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Netherlands), bringing on board a wealth of knowledge and experiences from various disciplines (Product Design, Law, Bioinformatics, Business Administration, Computer Science, Financial Engineering, Social Sciences).


The training journey traces the path from the identification of market opportunities, to business conceptualization, modeling, and product/service prototyping. During this journey, we focus on combining theories and practices from design thinking, business modeling, innovation management, customer validation, and market research. Coaching on team skills, mentoring and intercultural cooperation provide, in turn, a reality check on all activities.


At the end, one or more teams may want to continue their journey and make their ideas happen. The WAVE Lab will support them as venture consultants, as well as provide access to its growth transformation ecosystem of businesses and experts.

Design thinking Entrepreneurship


From ideation

to business modeling to prototyping

Focus on:

Lean Startup, Business Model Innovation

Venture consulting

Joint program: MSc in Tourism Entrepreneurship

In late 2015, the University of the Aegean and the Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Athens launched a joint MSc degree in Tourism Entrepreneurship. It is the first program of its kind in Greece and one of the few post-graduate programs in Europe that focus on the entrepreneurial side of tourism.


WAVE Lab members were core members of the founding faculty team and are actively involved in the program's management and operations (including course development and teaching).

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