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as a collaboration-driven, intellectual capital hub

on growth transformation

We established the WAVE Lab to reimagine an old business problem in the context of today's (and tomorrow's) complex realities: how organizations can grow, while riding continuous waves of disruption and left-field competition.


We combine leading-edge academic theories and business practices with our own research activities to reconsider the basics of growth transformation.


We orchestrate an ecosystem of academics, business executives and partner organizations that challenge each other in how to best identify and exploit disruptions, and turn them into growth options for an organization.


We aim to act as an open innovation platform that brings together great minds from different disciplines, with different viewpoints and experiences - what we consider to be the best way for unlocking leading-edge insights and delivering new solutions for growth transformation problems.

Science & practice


Fostering a culture that encourages creative problem solving - driven by insights, anchored in business realities

At the cutting edge

Monitoring disruptions, researching for new insights, developing intellectual capital, deploying it in real business life. Feed back and repeat

Complexity friendly

Managing growth and its transformation impact is the art of managing chaos. Absorbing complexity and turning it into clear actions is a challenge we welcome

Reality focused

Seeking out important problems that select industry sectors face in their growth agendas, and creating demonstrable value


as a collaboration-driven, intellectual capital hub

on growth transformation



Uncover insights


Everything starts and finishes with leading-edge intellectual property. We monitor disruptions and research select management disciplines



Service Science

Value Engineering

Systems Science

Deliver results


We apply our expertise to organizations (big or small, existing or new ones) and help them deliver improvements on a continuous basis. We learn too - and constantly enrich our intellectual properties


Project Management

Design solutions


Robust insights drive innovative approaches to solving real problems. We combine our research findings with our real-life experiences to develop relevant tools and methodologies



Innovation Management


as a collaboration-driven, intellectual capital hub

on growth transformation



Culture & Travel


Cultural entrepreneurship

Heritage management



Energy & Environment


Circular economy

Urban metabolism

Industrial symbiosis





Regional development

Social innovation

Strategic planning

Project turnaround

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