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Showcasing insights and sharing project outcomes, either our own or those co-created with our partners, is a key activity for the WAVE Lab.


Build innov. functions: Our three stage process incorporates undertaking an innovation capability audit and benchmarking, designing your innovation function and working with you to implement and embed it. Our 100 Day Innovation Plan provides an innovation blueprint detailing your innovation vision and mission, mandate, governance, processes, skill sets, organisational design and culture. In addition, we help you make the case for investment in innovation and build the required buy-in that you will need for success.



Practical application

Live business challenges

Actionable outputs

Business games


New business ventures

Building innovation functions

Role playing
Case studies

Guest speakers

Field projects


as an advisory hub on growth transformation

The W Summer Academy

The goal of the annual W Summer Academy is to help students experience what it takes to turn ideas into great teams and great start-ups. Participants are immersed in a comprehensive training program, which is based on insights uncovered during an international research project on entrepreneurship (CREA project).


The training journey traces the path from the identification of market opportunities, to the conceptualization, planning, and start-up of a new venture. During this journey, we focus on combining theories and practices from design thinking, business modeling, innovation management, customer validation, and market research. Coaching on team skills, mentoring and intercultural cooperation provide, in turn, a reality check on all activities.


At the end, one or more teams may want to continue their journey and make their ideas happen. The WAVE Lab will support them as venture consultants, as well as provide access to its growth transformation ecosystem of businesses and experts.

Creative design Entrepreneurship ΙΤ

Sample courses:

Customer Discovery;

Lean Startup

University students from across the globe


Business games

Case studies

Role playing


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