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The WAVE Lab is capitalizing on its research capabilities to enrich existing and develop new tools and methodologies, in order to assist organizations (big or small, existing or new ones) in their growth transformation plans.


For example, we extended a best-practice methodology for managing the development of corporate ventures from inception to commercialization, by infusing it with methods and tools from the startup community, such as Lean Startup, Pre-totyping, and Effectuation (see figure below). Our research findings in business ecosystems and e3-value flow management provide further insights for improving this methodology, by integrating value management throughout the idea development process.

Design thinking

Project management


Strategy & business model innovation

Overall, our advisory activities aim to develop growth strategies, deliver innovation projects and help organizations build lasting innovation capability. To that end, we seek to embrace the best thinking models, techniques and tools we can source (either ourselves or through our partners), weave them into our methodologies, and deploy them to the best advantage of the organizations we work with.


Tools & methodologies

(enhanced/created by our research activities)

Culture & Travel
Energy & Environment
Public Sector


Focus on organizational and service innovation

Opportunity portfolio identification & prioritization

Growth strategy development

Implementation & capability building


as an advisory hub on growth transformation

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